Erotic Short Story Writer (Adult Content)

Erotic Short Story Writer (Adult Content)


Job Description

I'm looking for a writer who fulfills these requirements:

1. Knowledgeable about erotic romance stories and other techniques in which BDSM is concerned.

2. Ability to craft entertaining and informative pieces. The ability to tell stories, entertain, add humor, all while giving the reader a pleasurable read.

3. Write in a laid back, conversational tone, college reading level.

4. Extremely competent with written English, good grammar and spelling.

You would be ghostwriting kindle products in which my company would then use to sell. These kindle products are about BDSM Romance

These are novellas, 12 point in Calibri font .

To help speed the process along, all needed research would be supplied before the writing job would be assigned.

The job would be a fixed term trial job, as stories are needed. I will have many more various projects like this for the right person.

In order to qualify for the job, please include in your application a sample writing of your work and the answers to these specific questions below:

1. 5+4 = What?

2. Tell me what the meaning of SEO is, and give me the basics on how SEO works.

3. Have you done any creative writing before? (SpecificallyErotica, BDSM) If so, do you have any examples?

4. How experienced are you with techniques involving BDSM?

5. Are you able to work quickly, under pressure?

6. Are you able to meet deadlines? (NOTE: Deadlines are EXTREMELY important for us and any missed deadline will result in termination of the contract.)

7. Have a look at the attached writing example. Are you able to emulate this style?

If you do NOT answer each of these questions, then your application will be trashed immediately.

Please be sure to write your answers as professional as possible, as we will begin judging your ability to write with this application.

Please respond with this phrase "HOVER LOVE" or your application will be rejected.

Skills: english, grammar, kindle, research

Open Attachment