Video Website (Community, Portal, Network)

Video Website (Community, Portal, Network)


Job Description

I am looking to create a Video Website that will show videos of a specific category.

I need to have users submit videos by creating an account, have profile field data, video field data.

the other option is to import videos from Youtube, other video sites and links I search/find to add to the website.

I will use video field data and profile field data to use for search to find and filter videos by.

There will be private and public data and different user types including user submitted video accounts, private user accounts to view videos and all private/public data and most importantly for private users is that when they view video a notification goes back to the user who submitted the video to let them know who viewed their video, what their rating or comments were, and when they viewed the video.

There can also be a public view account to use certain search types or be notified of specific videos they setup they are interested in viewing

I would need to use a video player that can be branded to use and show ads either around the player or invideo ads, display ads.

Home page will show video categories rows like newest, most viewed, highest rated and other video category data like year.

I will need to create Paid Feature Packages for
- Featuring video listings on homepage and on top of search results
- Notifications of when and who private users viewed their video, what rating, comments or notes were on there video.

I have looked into video scripts sites or themes, but I am interested to know if this will be made from scratch or you can customize an existing video site script, theme or social network. I do have a website to show you to model this after so you can see what I am looking for. I will send link once I receive notice of your interest in creating this for me.

Skills: video