Easy Nginx / Wordpress Problem

Easy Nginx / Wordpress Problem


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I have a very easy problem that someone can figure out probably in 3 minutes.

It involves Nginx & Wordpress.

Please tell me what you will charge me to fix this, and you will receive a very nice positive feedback as well to help your profile! I need someone who can do this without ssh access. I'll attach the files here, if you need more, I can give it to you.

The problem is that Wordpress is not displaying my images or CSS files. The permissions are set correctly (664). It must be a problem with the nginx configuration. Also, I am using Varnish, but that does not appear to be the problem, because the website does display, just not images & CSS.

I've attached my sites-available/default (sites-enabled is link to this).

I have wordpress installed in the "grand" sub-directory. It works fine here: .. just no images or css files, etc. Says "not found" even with correct path in the URL.

Second, I need to know how I can configure the "default" config file to allow me to run the "community" folder at grand/community properly without hurting Wordpress. The community file is a xenforo forum installation. This configuration file is currently for wordpress only, but what changes do I make so I can run xenforo out of grand/community in the nginx site config file?

Finally, I need you to tell me how I should convert this to its own "sites-enabled" configuration file after I decide to point a domain at nginx, but while keeping it in the "grand" sub-directory. What changes would I make then? (now I have it pointing to the IP address)

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