Write 12 brief articles and provide link to websites.

Write 12 brief articles and provide link to websites.


Job Description

I want to display 12 interesting very recent articles on my website. They will be brief and explain a little about the link that will be attached to article. Basically a summary of the link.

Here is an example :

"Merchants now have a variety of tools to shoot and edit creative product videos entirely from a smartphone. Here is a list of video editing apps for your smartphone. There are feature-rich video editors to mix and style commercial videos."


The topics should be about any of the following (no order).
1. Graphics and artwork
2. mobile apps
3. web design.
4. Social networking
5. technology.
6. new trends.
7. interesting things about tech or it

If you can complete this job well I will have more in the future for you.

I will pay $20 for this job

Thank you.

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