Online design preview tool

Online design preview tool


Job Description

we are looking for an online design preview tool to be created.

We use opencart, and want to add a design tool where people enter 3 lines of text, and it creates a preview of the text overlayed onto our product.

The tool should be created with further development in mind, so we can add different versions (basically putting the text onto a different product.

We would also like the option to have the upload of an image to be included. Where an image can be uploaded and cropped prior to placement on the product.

We would like to have ownership of the tool, and it is very important that it is somehow added as an opencart extension, so we can add the preview to a product on our website.

We would like to start the product development in mid March, with completion in Mid April.

In your application, please let us know if you have done any previous design tools, (along with examples) and also let us know what language you will use to display the preview on the website.

here are examples, to give you an idea of how it will look.

These are examples of how it would work. although we would like something that works on apple devices (so probably not flash)

We look forward to applications, and please be sure you can meet the deadlines. We want the tool to load seamlessly, with no plugins to be installed,

Skills: design, software-development

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