Startup company

Startup company


Job Description

Looking for a guru to assist with startup.


1. Be willing to sign a NDA / confidentiality agreement prior to final job being offered to successful contractor
2. Be able to operate on a tight timeframe to meet a specified market launch date in 2013
3. Have experience in mobile / pc interface to ensure SEAMLESS integration
4. Experience with creating webpage, CRM system, creation of a scheduling system, database, all items to be scaleable to cope with demand
5. integration of gps functions.

Have many examples of similar features we believe are great and would effectively like to pick and place certain elements currently available and customise this to suit the delivery requirements of startup.


1. Guaranteed payment
2. A client with a CLEAR picture of what we see as the end product
3. Potential ongoing work for testing, maintenance, upgrading etc


1. We will allow the successful designer to advertise on the footer on launch of site.
2. Association with a future fast starter company.

We wish to commence speaking to individuals, companies as soon as possible to generate interest and affirm our budget.

All conversations will be held in confidence.