Job Description

This job is a 100% commission job. I want you to market my website, You can market the website in anyway that you want: blogs, twitter, craigslist(I do not have any PVA's), linkedin, twitter, twitterfall, google adwords, friends/family, facebook, backpage, etc.

You will be given a promotional code specific to you and that is how I will keep track of sales generated. The code will give the buyer a 5% discount discount on their purchase which will entice them to use your promotional code.

Every 25th of the month I will pay you 50% of the commissions. That means if you get a 200 dollar sale, I will give you 100 dollars. I will send out an email on the group email to let you know if you or anyone on the team had a sale and approximately how much it was for and which event everyday. I will give you information such as which tickets for sports, concerts, and broadway shows are selling the most at the moment through my googlegroup.

If you are interested in joining my team, please let me know. I'm a very honest businessman which is why my employees on odesk have been with me for over two years. The manager of the team is Marilyn Yano who is on gmail. If you have questions please ask her, if you are interested in starting work contact her and ask her to setup a promotional code for my website.

Skills: marketing, twitter, linkedin, facebook, sports

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