Help Craft Brewers with Federal TTB Reporting application in RoR

Help Craft Brewers with Federal TTB Reporting application in RoR


Job Description

I'm looking to develop a web application to help craft brewers with federal TTB reporting.

Right now, craft brewers are required by federal law to file a Brewers Report of Operations (or Brewpub Report of Operations, as the case may be) either monthly or quarterly. In addition, brewers must also file excise tax returns either semi-monthly or quarterly. To do this requires a lot of manual work of tracking down production info. What's worse is that the govenment doesn't provide much lee-way if the reported numbers are off and brewers often need to pay fees and fines, or jump through other hoops, if adjustments need to be made to the reports.

I'd like to create a web application that will allow brewers to track the daily activites as they happen and will create the Report of Operations and the Excise Tax forms at the click of a button in PDF format.

I am not a developer and this is my first web application, so I'd like to know how you'd recommend that we build an application like this and how long you think it would take to build. I'm open to any platform or any way to get this done, so please give me your recommendations.

The design HTML and CSS will be created by my designer and provided to you. It is currently being written in Python using some components of Twitter Bootstrap.

I've attached some rough UI examples that my designer is using as well as the info sheet for the product to help you understand what I'm looking for. I will be developing them further.

Some application features that may not be obvious from looking through the UI examples:
- the ability for multiple user access to a single account
- Report of Operations will be made either Monthly or Semi-monthly (user selectable)
- the Report of Operations will either be for Breweries or Brewpubs. Some input fields shown in the UI would be disabled (or hidden) for the Brewpub option.
- Excise Tax Returns will be made either Semi-monthly or Quarterly (user selectable)
- the ability to store all previous reports online for reprinting & safe keeping
- the ability to modify the database info for previous reports and reprinting
- an interactive web calendar that will show upcoming report due dates

Skills: pdf

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