Seeking an Honest & Trustworthy Development Team for an iOS app with Emoji functionality

Seeking an Honest & Trustworthy Development Team for an iOS app with Emoji functionality


Job Description

Expectations of Contractors
-Honest and trustworthy team of designers/developers

-Upfront with project timeline and costs

-Strong and dependable communication skills (available to communicate at least once a day during the project)

-Only willing to take on the job if you're 100% sure it can be done very well

-Preferable to have graphic designer in house with developer

-Interested in building a working relationship for future development of other applications

-Preferable to hire a contractor/agency with a valid U.S Tax ID, specifically for tax purposes

Job Description
I'm looking for a design and development team to create a mobile app with emoji like functionality (integrating a content keyboard within iMessage), though not emoji. There will be an app to install on the device and then the ability to "add a new keyboard" much like the emoji keyboards making the content available within the iMessage chat. I'll list the project requirements below.

"Back-end" Functionality
-Needs to be fast and smooth!

-Analytics tracking

-Push notifications (Local, and External for marketing, Rating the app)

-External server access within the app for content -- *I believe I'm looking for the functionality of the app to read an XML or JSON file that contains a list of the content and their location/filename on a server to access within the app. For example, new emojis could be accessed from an outside server instead of locally.

-“Adding new keyboard” functionality (e.g. emojii)

-Sign-in with Facebook, Twitter, G+ API

-iAd or other ad network integration

-In-app purchase integration

-Allow for the ability to add content to the servers so the app can pull the content instead of having to update the content locally on the device

-Content pasting, or direct insert into iMessage box

-Social sharing to FB, Twitter, Tumblr, G+, Reblog, Email, Save to camera roll

Graphic Design
-Smooth functioning and beautiful UI (Screenshots of similar apps to provide examples)

-Content for splash screen provided

-All text content will be provided

-Icon will be provided

-Content for the "new keyboard" will be provided, no graphic design is needed