PHP Download Service Website development

PHP Download Service Website development


Job Description

We have a website running a download subscription service with around 300k+ accounts.
We've decided to upgrade our system to a new version offering a bit more features to our users.
Currently we are looking for a developer who can assist in finishing up a new version of the website.
As we are converting from an old system a couple of new features have yet to have been implemented, which are essential to the project's operation.

The current pending tasks include (but are not limited to):
* Rewriting some main classes on the account functionality upgrade/downgrade.
* Extend functionality in managing subscriptions in the client area (and possibly backend/administration tools).
* Implementing a cron job to properly process accounts
* Adding/Updating new payment gateways.

Initially you are looking at around 16+ hours of work with the possibility of more follow up work.

The system runs on a combination of Twitter bootstrap, PHP5 and MYSQL.
This project is requires an eye for security in particular, as users will try to exploit the script in anyway.
It's absolutely essential that every aspect is properly tested.

* You are properly familiar with the English language (Dutch/German optional but handy).
* You have knowledge with object orientated features of PHP (Classes, objects, etc)
* You have knowledge of php and MySQL optimization and caching techniques.
* You have advanced knowledge of MySQL and have used JOINS, Transactions and database relations.
* You have worked with high-user environments and are familiar with apache/php's performance impact.
* You are familiar with working with a dev/live environment using tools as SVN.
* You are familiar with the W3C standards for both HTML and CSS.
* You are familiar with using ajax.
* You have talent for (web 2.0) style and can create clean/neat templates/layouts.

Please send along any certification you may have in this area (zend certified, etc).

Note: this does require more then entry-level PHP knowledge, only truly experienced web developers should apply.

Skills: rewriting, administration, twitter, english, apache