Magento developer or agency

Magento developer or agency


Job Description


My client looking for e-commerce website. I decided to choose Magento platform for this job because client wants some unique design and some features that Magento has build in.

Client sells groceries

Features that client needs

Install Unique clean design (HTML, jpg files will be provided)
Connect to clients warehouse data base to get information on items left, prices, unique code and update database when item sold.
Show assortment depending on location that customers provides. (display warning what items are not available if customer put items in basket before providing his location)
Add recipes section.
a) Recipes list page,
b) Recipe page
c) add recipe page (for admins)
d) connect recipes with shopping items ( manually select groceries that goes in to recipe.

Install Lithuanian payment plugins
Install Lithuanian language (warnings etc.)

Be able to support page for one year bug fixes new features etc.


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