Custom Themed Magento Website

Custom Themed Magento Website


Job Description

Our company is moving our ecommerce store front from Miva Merchant to Magento and we are looking for an experienced SEO conscious Magento developer. Developer should speak English as a first language and have the ability to speak via Skype or phone during regular business hours (9-5 Eastern Standard Time) for pre-scheduled meetings. Applicant should be skilled in developing custom themed Magento based web stores. After the site is built, there is potential for the maintenance and continued project work.
Some of the Features Needed/Desired:

• Mobile site integration for mobile users.

• Ability to upload new products and update products with custom feeds.

• Product add-ons at checkout – Tangible and intangible (gift cards, rush shipping, gift wrapping or other products)

• Faceted site search/navigation – advanced filtering for product navigation.

• The ability to display a second version of the site with a different product set depending on where the traffic is coming from. I.E. if someone enters the site via Google Adwords instead of directly typing the URL, the site would look exactly the same except it would exclude one product set.

• One step check out

• Auto-Shipping (Automatic monthly billing for products shipped monthly)

• Out of stock wait List

• Shipping calculator

• Social media integration –Incentive programs, buttons, etc…

• On category pages, backordered/oos products go to bottom of page

• Loyalty rewards program

• Infinite scroll

• eBay & Amazon integrator

• gift receipts

While most of these features can be attained with plug-ins we have a few things we want kept in mind when implementing:

• All add on products should be from reputable developers that will support their products in the future and not fold over night.

• All plug-ins should work well together as a whole, while leaving the site structure flexible for future upgrades and add-ons.

With your proposal, please submit examples of your Magento work and include the country and time zone where you are currently located.