Build process to choose and populate PDF forms from MYSQL data.

Build process to choose and populate PDF forms from MYSQL data.


Job Description

This is part of my other project, but this is a specific task within it. Here is a brief description of what this part of the project is. I am specifically looking for developers with experience in this exact specialized task


In the USA there is 50 states. Each state has different counties. When we run this process, we will choose criteria from a vast amount of MYSQL data. The resulting data will then be used to populate legal documents for government and court use, and we must use the specific forms based on the location of the person which their data matched the criteria in the search to populate the form. We would have all the forms, plus a DB table with the data about how to populate each form. Essentially we will teach the program when to use each and how to populate each form, and what to do with each form after its populated with data from the data table. This process after its populated and generated could be send to an email address or print to send to a mailing address.

For instance, If the person is living in the state of California, it would need to see from the table that this person (there will be thousands of people) is from California, then it would find the proper California form, and it would know how to populate the California form based on the data we "program" into the forms table. It would populate the form based on the preset directions stored in the forms table by using the data found in the data table. Then, based on the forms table "programming" it will know what email address to send the completed form to, or if it needs to print to be mailed, etc. It would do thousands of these so it would need to do them efficiently. Not only is there different forms for each state, there is different forms for different scenarios, which the scenario would be selected from the GUI, but the form itself would need to be selected automatically for person (row) from the data table.

This is in a nutshell what this portion of the project entails.

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