Looking for a HTML5-editor / CMS-system developer?

Looking for a HTML5-editor / CMS-system developer?


Job Description

Hi, i am looking for someone to develop a HTML5-editor / CMS system for me.
Something similar to http://wix.com , please if you consider this job, take a look at wix.com to get a idea about what i really want.

i want a cms system that allows you to fully create a website, from my website.
the client website will be hosted on my website, under a subdomain that the cms system should create automatically, i.e. if user name in sign up is brian, then his domain will be brian.mywebsitename.dk/brianswebsitename and he will be able to point his own bought domain to his website through dns .

the wix editor is perfect reference for what i want.

please refer to http://www.wix.com , try and create a free user and get a feeling about what i want, if this job is for you, please apply.