CodeIgniter PHP website developer

CodeIgniter PHP website developer


Job Description

TASK: Our company has purchased a domain (VPS). I have the source codes uploaded in a .ZIP file on the domain. I am looking for a programmer to set up the website for me with the source codes. The source codes is compiled with php codeIgniter.

Please send me how long you will take to complete this and asking price.

Depending on the most completive rates and experience after completion of this first task, our company will use you for the remainder of the year to finish the website with features and bug fixes.
Our company is willing to pay more than the asking price for this first project depending on experience. This is only to see which candidates can work fast, be professional, and and have the experience we need to rely on as a potential long term programmer.

We will send the domain and login info upon selecting a candidate and you may review the details before either party agrees to scope of work and requirements. any adjustment can be made after you review everything such as pay and length of time to complete.