within 10 hours Java Gui Application

within 10 hours Java Gui Application


Job Description

Make a Java GUI application that implement Server and Client using XML-RPC architecture that follow the case study given below and that demonstrate your knowledge on Distributed Computing, Web Services and Interfaces.

Case study: X inc. operates recycling machines located all over the country. You are asked to enhance the internal default implementation of a machine so that it can be configured and monitored remotely via a Java GUI at the company’s headquarter.

A good implementation ‘makes sense’. Imagine that the company’s HQ is in Dhaka and the recycling machine is in Chittagong. What should happen in Dhaka? What should happen in Chittagong? Where is the client and where is the server? Where is the data? What information is send between Dhaka and Chittagong and why? Important: test the code on two computers (one simulates the recycling machine, the other simulates the HQ).