Social Media Marketing/ Guru

Social Media Marketing/ Guru


Job Description

I am really looking for someone to run the site is just up and running and I am adding new clients to it. I have also built into it a social media platform with an Invite-A-Friend Program that gives individual members the opportunity to post appealing and interesting ads to their facebook, twitter and even email their recipients too!! In this way they will earn money for their efforts with new members buying from these clients.

Now, while that is all said and will be amazing...I need to get people to the site and have members join up so that they can actually do all this...So, that is where your job comes in I need an expert in really all aspects from Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, SEO and Email Marketing. Bottom line as said in the first sentence...someone with the expertise in most of these areas to run the show.

This is an exciting feel great opportunity as my site also raises money for charity!!

This job will be 1-3 months and based upon your performance certainly can be extended!!! While I am looking for that Internet Guru if you have a team underneath you that would be fine too!! Also, initially I am concentrating on the New York City area first, so any work that you have done or can do in a local and specific postal codes is great. With that there are 2.3 million people that live here (although 20-50 yr olds is the primary demographics) and another 9 million people that commute everyday...So, it is a large audience. After this 1-3 month upstart, I do plan on scaling it Nationwide and then hopefully Worldwide!

Please, give me a detailed description of what work you've done in the past that meets the description of the work entailed with my project. From there based upon a thorough review of that, I will then get more specific and "we' can put together further details and outline a strategy ( I put "we" in quotes, but please realize this is really you...this is your show, I need to work with your direction) for great success!!

Obviously, the best candidates will be selected and your hourly rate will of course be taken into consideration, Best Person - for Very Competitive Hourly Rate = My Internet/Social Media Guru!!