Replicate Joomla Template Sample Data/Framework in Joomla Install

Replicate Joomla Template Sample Data/Framework in Joomla Install


Job Description

I have set up a new Joomla Website including the extensions Jomsocial, Kunena Forum, Payplans, and Virtuemart. I have found the perfect template for the website that I have bought, however I'm having trouble recreating the sample template. The sample data only works with a new version of Joomla installed and I don't want to completely start over to install the sample data since I have so many extensions installed.

I would like to have someone experienced with Joomla and the Gantry Framework recreate the sample template with sample data within my Joomla install. I will provide the login to my Joomla website and the link to the sample template I would like recreated. For an expert who knows Joomla inside and out this shouldn't take more than 30-60 minutes. My budget is $20.00

Sample Template:

My Joomla Website should look exactly like the one above when complete - including the framework template for the Kunena Forum and Jomsocial. The framework is important but the images/text is unimportant.