Human Resource Scheduling [udpated]

Human Resource Scheduling [udpated]


Job Description

[update: receiving too many unqualified applicants. Please submit (or resubmit) only if you have relevant experience which you can show in a portfolio. Thanks.]

Description of business
Business provides mission-critical face-to-face services to Clients on behalf of third party Provider. Business trains and maintains contractors to provide the service. Mobile phones are a critical tool of the job.

Currently, the business handles consultant scheduling via email and other manual tasks. This is prone to errors and has a high maintenance cost.

Project goal
Business seeks to cut costs and improve service through a web-based system that supports field-based contractors.

Sample use cases:

Accepts a job
Cancels a job
Completes a job
Submits an invoice
Reschedules a job
Rates client
Rates provider

Enters a new job into system
Announces new jobs to eligible contractors
Re-assigns job
Approves open invoice

Approves / Rejects invoice
Issues payment

Rates contractor
Reschedules a job

Cancels appointment
Rates contractor
Rates provider

Provides reports
Supports message boards
Sends and receives messages (email, text, voice)
Push new jobs to contractors per job match criteria
Push cancelled appointment notices to and from contractors, clients and providers
Push appointment reminders to contractors, clients and providers