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Requirement document attached..

Please check the above project.

I will give you the snapshot what exactly needs to implement in this.

Plan -1

I have to provide u an ASP.NET application that has following features

1. login page (where user can enter his/her login credentials)
2. An authentication engine which will generate an authentication token.
3. One resource page where some secure data will be available. This secure data will be available only after token is available and authenticated.

Till now i am planning to generate the authentication token using unique identifier. And this token will be assigned to logined users can have access to resources.
In 4.5 Framework OAUTH is OOTB.

Plan -2

Procedure for Project Development

I plan to proceed with the project in the following way:

A. Create Authorization Server in web Server using ASP pages
B. Store resource data in SQL Server
C. Login using ASP page that contains Oauth 2.0 Security.
D. Authorization Server authenticate the username and password from the Database Server and creates a Token that the Login Entity receives. This work is done by ASP .Net Script running in the background
E. On receiving the Token the Login entity will send it to the Resource Server (token will be in the encrypted form). The Resource Server checks the Token and if it matches then the Login entity will be given access to the certain ASP pages that can directly access the resources.
F. The Resource page(s) will expire as the token expires.
G. The Resource Owner will initially deceide which entity will be given acccess.
H. The whole Project will be a combination of ASP.Net pages and SQL SERVER Database and some exxtra libraries.
I. The Project will be delivered in the form of Project Folder and SQL file which will be integrated by the client
J. If Project is integrated by me then extra cost will be charged
K. If you want me to install directly to client system then we need total access and all the detail about the system.
L. Additionally I will take care of the other security issues like SQLI, XSS, CSRF attacks.
M. Moreover data will be stored in Resource Server in the encryted form.

A simple Example

1. When the application loads, it shows the you a "Login" link.
2. When you click that link, you are asked to login to Google and asked to release basic account information to the application (user consent).
3. If you grant consent, the application receives an access token.
4. Once it has the access token, the application presents the access token to the Google API that provides basic account information (
5. The application renders the basic account information in a simple table.

If you have any of your views to implement the attachment please let me know.

Timeline is around 1 month.

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Skills: .net

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