Translation English to Ukrainian

Translation English to Ukrainian


Job Description

Translation of 500-750 word articles into the requested language. This is a big project for the right
translator. We are searching for a longterm relationship. The appropriate candidate
must be in the top 10% of translator skills, have a verifiable record of being on time
with projects, and attentive to details and directions. If you cannot follow precise
directions, you will not be considered for this job. If you are responding to this job post,
please send your translation of this passage along with your response.

If you are applying for this job, please translate the following and submit:

Cognitive awareness of physical limitations is very frustrating. The elderly often
manifest this inability to take care of themselves with anger towards the
caregiver. Do not take it personally. If you need to, give yourself a respite for a
few hours so you can regain your perspective.

Skills: english