Technical Writer for Certification Book

Technical Writer for Certification Book


Job Description

Our Firm is currently seeking a professional to write a Technical Certification Book based off a leading Technology.

Areas of concentration
-Infrastructure Install of the Source Code and packages
- Server Setup for various OS's such as Linux or Microsoft
- Cloud security Posture
- Add Questions and Answers at the end of each Chapter
-We will have In depth steps along the way to reflect how a procedure is done for Excercises.
-Glossary of Terms added.
- We are aiming for 600 - 700 pages to be developed for this book.

-It is required for anyone who become certified with our program they must sign up with our organization and must be in good standing in the IT Industry because of the sensitivity. Also, the Test taker must be verified by accredited Professor.

-There are currently 3 types of certifications and this is the first which serves to be an entry level proctor based certification.

-Required to sign NDA

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