Great Designer for an Android App for News Reader

Great Designer for an Android App for News Reader


Job Description


I want to develop an News Feed reader.
Inspiration is pulse news reader(

There will be categories like (politics,sports,fun,business,startups)
1) A user can select one of those categories when using first time.
(I want a good and innovative design for this)

2) There will be some default streams which user will see in each category.
(Again need innovative design)

3) User will have option to add more streams in the current category.

4)It should be easy to see feeds from one stream and streams in a category.

5)It should be easy to navigate from one stream to another and from one category to another.

Streams will be in json format and will be multi lingual.

5) A user can add/delete various streams and it will start appearing in that section.

I am looking for a great android designer who has develop beautiful android apps before.

With proposal please send me your good work and with that tell me what were the android design patterns you consider while designing those apps.

And also mention what work can you do(can you develop style/layout/color xmls) or only PSDs.

I am looking for really great designers with budget no bar for really good candidates.

I am putting $700 as random value and I want designer to quote the budget along with the work he/she will be doing.