Website design upgrade, other things, please read proposal

Website design upgrade, other things, please read proposal


Job Description

I'm looking for professional Web developer with big CSS knowledge to do redesign for already existing script and make some other modifications for HYIP project (If you do not know what they are take a look many of them are listed here:

Looking for person with huge CSS knowledge what will not ignore even smallest detail from design template. So, I already have working custom made script what has been used before you will need to bring new design for that and make some PHP modifications.

Some parts of design what you need to design, check them to be sure that you are able to code this:
Something from design:

Need to do:
1. Bring new design template to work, it is made in adobe illustrator, so you need to be familial with illustrator.
2. Add option that translator can translate web-page to another language german, french, so now here is need to switch languages (maybe there will not be need for that, but if you apply you must have some idea in mind how to develop it).
3. You will need to develop chart what will change look while you change input values, should use this or some other JS chart engine what you prefer:
4. Change e-mail template to another
5. Some minor PHP changes, but it wont big deal for experienced web developer.

So, I'm looking for person who can start to work right away, work together with me via skype or some other instant messenger, so you develop and I just comment on your work what to do next and what to change. I still do not know 100% of thing what you will need to code, but those 5 things are major ones, all other things will be small/minor. I'm from GMT+3h time zone, it would be perfect to work together. If you work fast and efficient I think you will be able to finish this work quite fast. I already have script what is working and main thing is just to change design. Anyway I'm looking for person for long collaboration if you will work fast and also with good quality and efficient I know that we will have really good collaboration. In end of your proposal post word mekulaterze so I will know that you at least read something form this proposal.

AWARE: I'm person who sometimes want to change even smallest detail from design, even it is just few pixels, if you do not like such attitude maybe do not even apply.

Please provide your previous work examples where I can see that you have necessary CSS skills, also wrote that you understood what I ask to do. I'm interested in long-term collaboration so as you are. I will give first hand to individual developer not a company.

Skills: design