Business Consultant in India - Purchasing and Exporting

Business Consultant in India - Purchasing and Exporting


Job Description


We are looking to expand our company into India later this summer, and are looking for a business consultant in the area, that can act as a Liason between our company in the United States, and our soon to be office in India.

This position will primarily be assisting us with:
> Establishing an LLC in India
> Translation of documents as needed
> Assistance with purchasing product from local vendors (delivery to office in India) [purchasing product from local vendors OR on Flipkart]
> Assistance with exporting product to our office in the United States (we will need help finding a courier service to pickup the package and ship it here).
> General business advice about India and the marketplace.

Our company is a video game and software ecommerce company based in the United States, and currently serves over 100 countries world-wide. India is our next expansion target, and we are needing somebody who not only lives in India, but also has a great understanding of the business world, and doesn't mind acting as an consultant to our purchasing and export needs.

This will start as a part time position, but will transition into something more full time 30 - 40 hours a week once the office opens.

Any questions, please let us know.