SocialEngine Module Developer

SocialEngine Module Developer


Job Description

We are looking for a SocialEngine Module Developer: One-to-one meeting scheduler.

We are a logistics company. We hold networking events for logistics professionals. One of our needs is a platform which allows members to setup meetings with other members and schedule for a specific time slot to meet at. For example: person 1 wants to meet with person 2 on Monday at 1 PM. Our event is on Monday from 9 AM to 5 PM, nobody else is meeting with person 1 or person 2 so the software would confirm the meeting request and schedule for each user onto a main calendar view. If person 3 wants to meet with person 1 or person 2 during 1 PM, it would show person 3 that 1 PM is busy but recommend other free times with person 1 or 2 during the event.

Right now we have a system that shows the functionality we need, but the platform is very simple and not very flexible:

The current system requires users to sign up to the application. enter all company information, log in through a specific portal URL only for the app. The admin panel is not integrated into any other admin panel tools.

Our goal is to use the existing user profile information from Social Engine 4 profiles, to grab all event information about the event and incorporate that SE4. We would like to basically tie this app's functionality into SE4 as a module or plugin to enable a one-to-one meeting scheduler as a custom feature for our logistics events.