A home security program for an aerial drone.

A home security program for an aerial drone.


Job Description

Our Potential Client ,
would like to build on what is already out there. The goal is an aerial , self supporting, and autonomous home security drone or micro drone. I would like the programmer to design the software for the drones.

* able to alert owner of intruder via cell / text / email - (triggered by existing home security system breach, or pre set option)- contact security company - police, IR cam. fire alert

*able to "patrol / roam" and identify people (face recognition & IR) / or have secured areas - with remote OK - pause mode.

*activate lights on Drone - strobe light,

*film streaming video / pics able to be taken remotely or in 2-5 sec intervals IF alerted

I can take care of everything else on this project, but know nothing about the programming or code. What would it take, how long to accomplish, and what would it cost?

Thank you,

Anything Goes, Engineering, PHP, Software Architecture, Software Testing

Skills: design, video, engineering