◊ Business Architect

◊ Business Architect


Job Description

This is a fixed price job to the person with the best plan. A business plan needs to be created along with many other business tasks but first we need to create an infrastructure in a very modular manner.

This means each department will be broken up with a certain amount of Revenue distributed towards it, and then it will be further broken down.

*These are just sample #s
1) Sales 30%
2) Operations 15%
3) Legal 10%
4) Research & Development 20%

The structure is for a SAAS model IT company. As a result, you will need to determine some basic information such as the average basic cost required to operate.

Other parts of the business must be broken down into smaller parts, here is an example:

Lets say we allocate 30% of Sales Revenue to Commissions. The commission would be further broken down to pay;

1) The Referral / Lead Source
2) The Sales Person
3) The Closer (Maybe the Sales Guy Could not close and needed help)
4) The Trainer (After $ is in hand we need to maintain relationship)
5) The Implementation Person
6) Any Other Person who May be Paramount to the Process (Researcher / Influence etc)
7) The person who Renews the Contract after X Time Period. That way the rep will maintain good relations with client

Definitions of each part of the Sale would be clearly defined in plain English with a MEASURE so that there cannot be a confusion as to who did what and who gets what.

The point here is to ensure there is strong incentive for all tasks to be carried out especially in $ Making and Saving situations.

A $ saving situation would be for instance;
The company is spending $10,000 on hosting and someone found a equally reliable solution for half the price. How much would they get?
How can finding and implementing be broken down as n the sales example above. Detail the roles and have MEASURES in place.

So all DEPARTMENTS Accounting, Marketing etc would be included in here. How can you break down the tasks and allocate the $$.

Along with a pretty looking document, a spread sheet should accompany it in case we want to play with the numbers. Maybe we want sales to get 25% instead of 30%

All possible jobs and departments should be included so that every $100 of Revenue is already planned for.

You can even break down your task and divide the $.
Design to make the Plan Look Professional,
Number Cruncher

If you want this job make sure you put "Modular Infrastructure" as the first line in your letter as well put a LINK to a PDF piece of work similar to this (Even though there is probably nothing like this) :)

Good Luck

Here is the MOST IMPORTANT PART. I may hire a Few people but will only Pay for the one I like. The good news is, if you do a good job but I don't use it, you just created something very valuable for yourself with this idea!

Skills: research, english, marketing, design, pdf