WordPress Expert/Drupal Capabilities

WordPress Expert/Drupal Capabilities


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I have a drupal site which I think needs to be converted to a WordPress site. THe site currently has a significant community component to the site and Iam ready for this part of the site to be shut down. Because of this community feature I have a ton of spammers that have posted garbage on my site.

I need a developer who can work quickly. I need a developer who can speak english and most importantly I need a developer who can actually do what he tells me he can do.

I have free webtools on my site and I would like these to be converted into a drupal setting as well.

I have many other sites (and many other ideas). I would like to hire someone who can do repeated work for me and can do both drupal and wordpress.

I dont like working with staffing agencies or hirring managers. I'm looking for an independant contractor who can work quickly. I prefer to hire on a fixed price basis because I hate to see people wasting time on an hourly basis. The work can be done in stages and I can pay you in stages.

I'm looking for fresh ideas as well for new concepts so your experience and opinon is appreciated.

please dont apply if you can't fix this web page (this tool currently doesnt work and needs to be fixed).


Thanks for applying

Skills: english

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