Game Developer for iOS and Android (updated)

Game Developer for iOS and Android (updated)


Job Description

This is my idea of the game. pelase bear with me though. I named it as Prison Run.

unlike Temple Run, the scenario for this;

Starts with a story line of there was a riot started inside the prison and the main character "Cord" takes the opportunity to escape but is being chased by guards.

Opening: (Inside the Prison) so this will show an endless environment of hallways, stairs,and gates. until they reach 1,000,000 points where they will get a cut scene to get to the (Prison Yard) still endless, with obstacles like gym equipments, broken gates which they either go over or under. as they reach 2,000,000 they will be outside the prison still running in the streets.

it is somehow the same as the temple run's objectives (eg. Wikipedia)

words in BOLD are my changed ideas.

"The objective is to survive, while also getting the most points and KEYS possible. The longer a player survives, the more points they acquire. A player's score can only be used to unlock objectives. Their score is determined by their distance, plus five times the number of coins collected, plus 600 times the ordinal number of the total number of coins divisible by 100. These three values are then added and multiplied. The value of the multiplier is 10 more than the number of objectives unlocked. The formula is ; "s" being number of points; "m" number of objectives unlocked + 10; "d" being distance; "c" being number of coins; "t" being the coin multiplier of 600 times the whole number remaining of c/100."

for the powerups:

The KEYS the player collects in the game can be spent in the game's "store." At the store, the player is able to purchase upgrades to the various bonuses found throughout the run, as well as perks, unlockable COSTUMES, and wallpapers. The bonuses, when fully upgraded, are

•CRAWBAR (worth 150 coins)
•AXE (multiplies coin value by 3)
•Invisibility (lasts 30 seconds)
•Boost (for 750 meters)
•Some 2-point coins begin at 1000 meters
•Some 3-point coins begin at 2000 meters
here are some points I want:
•Cutscenes are Comic type.
•Game is FREE but I want to know how we can generate income from it like upgrades, maybe have a free version like you will only be inside the prison with limited powerups. us they purchase the FULL version, they will have the unlocked version or PAID powerups maybe.
that is my idea, you may add yours as well and give me the estimate.

Other game ideas:

Vegas Pinball
Coin connection (just like "candy Crush" in facebook)
LAnguage Translator

all of those I want to be free but still with opportunity to make money for unlockables or upgrade

Skills: games