Website Replication Needed

Website Replication Needed


Job Description

I currently run a marketing website in which users are able to replicate the main page and promote the program for themself. The way that I replicate the page now is manually. They fill out a form and it sends me an email then I create their page and send them a follow-up email with their link.

I would like this to be set on an automated system in which the page is instantly created for them and they receive an automated message notifying them that their page is live including a link to their page.

If you'd like to see how the system is set up please visit:

Then click step 3

This is where they fill out the form.
The webpages are all the same except for 4 fields which will change for their page:
1. Their ZNZ One ID #
2. Their ZNZ Big Cash ID #
3. Their Name
4. Their email

If you can make this become an automated system in which once they submit the form their page is instantly created and it will take them to a confirmation page displaying their new page link. I'd also like to have the system automatically email them a confirmation as well.

The page that is being replicated is:

Please let me know

Skills: marketing