Photo and notes saved into Info Manager with OCR

Photo and notes saved into Info Manager with OCR


Job Description

When taken a photo or made a note in iphone/iPad, Android and you want to save it, we want to make a posibility to save into our system Info Manager a sql based system communicating with web services.
mockup is posted as a ppt with comments. we also want OCR on photo images where you can choose how many you want to link together. if you take a picture of front and back side of a document, clearly you want to link them together and send then as one image. the ocr result should be sent with the same name but extension .txt.

1. take a photo
2, When choosing action Smartinfo Manager should be one option.
3, connect to our system using web services
4, Log in to the system
5, Choose databas, if you access more then one
6, Set metadata to our databas, and notes if you want.
7, Store the image, metadata and OCR result

We also want this application to store notes but no ocr.made on an iPhone/iPad or Android.

Please get back with milestones and timeframe when you think this can be done.

Skills: ipad, web-services