Web Scraper Design

Web Scraper Design


Job Description

I need someone who can design a web scraper that stores data and photo in a mysql database. The scraper will need to gather the data from sites similar to this one http://www.clark.miamivalleyjails.org/JAILBOOKING.ASPX?JAILBOOKING_ID=23118515

I have 16 separate sites that need to be scraped and am willing to pay $10 per site. A seperate task will be assigned for each site and payment will be made per task as each site is completed and operation verified.

Once initial design is complete, you should be able to just change a couple variables to complete the other sites as all source sites are the same, just a different url. This should be an easy job for a good programmer. If you have questions please feel free to ask. Successful completion of these tasks will lead to a lot of future work

Skills: design

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