Customize WHMCS Client data capture and transfer process

Customize WHMCS Client data capture and transfer process


Job Description

I'm developing WHMCS for a client and they wish to do something that is not possible right now with WHMCS:

Capture a lead via the website (data involves personal details and question), then send this Lead + data through to clients who are paying for the leads and will be billed for these leads.

I have spoken with WHMCS support and they suggested that i would define a free service on the website and after the free service/product is ordered you can transfer it to another client. This way the new client (who buys the lead) would automatically get an e-mail notification with the product details. However, the client details are should be passed through as well. And you can't do this, in fact it's unusual to transfer client information from one client to another. They suggested that i incorporate the client contact details via custom fields in the free product, but the customer e-mail adress is a mandatory field which would mean the person filling out his/her details on the website would have to fill this field twice. This is unacceptable for my client.

I'm looking for developers who can offer a solution for this. Please describe how you would customize WHMCS so this process could work for my client. If you could make an estimate in hours (min-max bandwith) that would be great.

PS: I think it would be ideal if every lead that is passed through to a buyer of the lead (the client) would result in an auto generated ticket in the ticket support module.