OSX Ticketing System Application

OSX Ticketing System Application


Job Description

Hello -

I am looking for someone with extensive experience building Native OSX Applications to assist in building a slim OSX based ticketing system.

The main function of the application will be to populate fields from an e-mail based ticket (Subject, Description, Source E-Mail, Attachments) and create a ticket in the application. Application owners can then reply to the ticket, change the status of the ticket, and view all tickets by basic filters (Show all open, closed, pending tickets, or show tickets by date or owner).

Additional Requirements for the Application:

1. Ability to ingest information from an e-mail and populate in fields within the application.

2. Ability to build in e-mail notifications based on certain statuses (ie: Open, Pending, Closed).

3. Ability to integrate with external database server for housing all data in application.

Please respond back if you are interested in this project. I would like to send over a few basic screenshots for functional purposes to get a price estimate.



Skills: software-development, mac-os-x