Project Manager Needed

Project Manager Needed


Job Description

We are looking for a project manager that will be responsible for managing projects and our team of programmers to make sure our projects get done.
This job requires you to be familiar with programming, managing programmers, php, wordpress, mysql, etc.

On a daily basis you will be communicating with the CEO of the company to get his input on the websites we are working on and report it to the programmers. You will constantly be communicating with our programmers online and making sure they meet their goals and we get the work done in time. If we fail to meet project deadlines then you will be responsible for not communicating to the programmers or you will have the ability to get rid of the programmers and get new ones.

The point is that you will manage 5 projects at a time. You will make sure you are constantly communicating with programmers via skype and that projects get done according to the CEO's timelines. We are on a limited budget but if you do this well we will definitely give you more opportunities to work with our company.

You will begin immediately and you will be required to be up during Indian Standard Time since that's where most of our progammers are. You will also need to communicate with our CEO daily who is in Pacific Standard Time in the US.

-incentives (hold pay until job is finished)
-report to me on progress and results
-communicate with programmers and make sure job gets done in the timeframe we specified

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