Facebook crawler/parser and reposter

Facebook crawler/parser and reposter


Job Description

i want create two scripts - i prefer php/python/perl/ruby and mysql.

First script:
I have facebook profile with many friends. I want parse and save all their posts to my mysql db. -> hourly run script and parse new posts and save to mysql
Its prefered parse too posts friends of my friends. (more posts is better).

Second script:
I have in db many twitter accounts (login and password) and ips of server.
I want:
1. select random twitter account from mysql db
2. select random IP of server from mysql db (server have 256 IPs)
3. from this IP connect to twitter account (for example, curl have parameter for it) and post new status from saved status from FB to this twitter (and flag it - i want post one status only one).

If you have any asks, please contact me it.

Skills: facebook, twitter