A unique technical partner

A unique technical partner


Job Description

My partner and I are business students at Kansas State University. We are looking for a technical partner so we can make our idea a reality. This is not a class project or affiliated with Kansas State University in any way. We are starting a business and as business students we are taught how to analyze industries and recognize opportunity. That is what we have done here. We have an idea that will change e-commerce and presents a large potential revenue stream. We have done the research and are ready to move forward.

Things we are looking for:
-proficient web developing skills
-understanding of database applications and decision search engines
-large time commitment (we need someone that has the ability to be fully once they are brought on board) -
clean record (this startup is completely legal and legitimate, and the team will be as well)

If you are hardworking, enthusiastic and a talented programmer then we need to talk. Inital conversation will determine capabilities and commitment, then if we make you part of the team we will discuss the idea and. rennumeration. If you are looking for an opportunity to become an entrepreneur and work along side smart, dedicated people then send a resume and portfolio to misra8@gmail.com