Skilled 2d artist for reskin projects needed

Skilled 2d artist for reskin projects needed


Job Description

I have various game apps and templates which need reskinning, as well as existing apps that I'd like to improve and produce marketing images for. Accordingly, I'm in need of a skilled artist. Ad minimum, I need someone skilled with 2d vector game art, and preferably someone who also has experience reskinning games, some ability to handle or tweak the code or 3d modeling experience. I strongly prefer you be in Southeast Asia or Latin America because of better overlap with California time.

To start with, I'd like to have a game called Hobbit Jetpack runner reskinned, within a week if possible. I'm not entirely certain of what price is appropriate, but I'll put $450 out there. If you've already reskinned it or similar apps before, then that's a plus. Here is an iTunes link to it for reference:

I may be reskinning this and similar games multiple times, and have several games separate from the reskin projects I need touched up, so I can provide quite a bit of work besides this provided you're up to the plate.