BitMinter Automated Worker Creation

BitMinter Automated Worker Creation


Job Description

The website allows you to sign up and mine bitcoins in a pool. Once you have signed up, you can create workers on this page:

The username and password you create there allows bitcoin mining software running on your local computer to connect to the bitminter website and get work blocks.

What we are looking to do with this project is get a PHP script we can run on our local web server that will log into our bitminter account and create new usernames and passwords for workers.

We are looking to have a PHP script that can connect to bitminter via curl, log in to the site and then programmatically create new workers at the above worker form url.

the PHP script would have our bitminter account username and password (this is a open ID username and password) and it would use that account to connect to bitminter and then it will have to scrape the "create worker" form off of the workers page and then submit a username, password to successfully create a new worker.

This is a bit tricky because of the "login with open ID requirement" that bitminter has. the PHP script will have to redirect etc.

Another wrinkle is that the worker creation form has dynamic form elements. The form name and text seems to be random numbers and letters on each page reload.