Python+Django developer (full time)

Python+Django developer (full time)


Job Description

Looking for a Python and Django developer.

This is a trial project which will lead to ongoing/full-time work.

We are looking for Django experts who can work independently on an ongoing projects building user management portal. You must be able to write robust and secure code; with solid understanding of design patterns and OOP; a level of UI/UX and Twitter Bootsrap and JQuery required.

We are looking for someone to assist with building a user management portal using existing code base. FYI we host on GitHub, and we work on a very hectic and rapid schedule. Your must be able to work under pressure and on very tight deadlines.

The specific requirements (e.g. logging and security requirements, data collection and management...) will be communicated to successful candidates. You must also be available for Skype calls, as required (happy to work around your timezone). Communication skills are super important, so a level of English proficiency is required. You must also be proactive, ask questions as needed, and have a solid grasp on what 'just needs to be done' - doing best quality work rather than the bare minimum.

Successful candidate will be hired full-time, so this will be the primary focus, due to hectic deployment schedule and deadlines.

Skills: english, twitter, management, design