General Web Updates, Promotions

General Web Updates, Promotions


Job Description

My web site is I am a health therapist with a blog and an author with several online books. I need help with creating simple book covers, sometimes formatting for digital readers like Kindle, Apple, B&N, etc. Basic strategy, optimization, SEO for the long haul, in short spurts, an hour here and there. Could use a general strategic overview of what I have going so far, small audience. My material ranges from fiction to health to social commentary. I think of it as "Jack Kerouac with a juicer."

I am easy to work with, and I probably need some WordPress training to know how it basically functions. Have YouTube video I upload now and then. Looking for somebody with a keen eye for optimization and all-around computer skills. Experience building an Amazon presence would be fantastic. I think "by the hour" would be good because my projects are so undefined and sporadic. I'd estimate on average, one to 3 hours per month.

My phone is 615-554-9666. Based in Nashville, TN.

Skills: promotions, kindle, training, amazon, youtube, video