PHP page to manage & filter large number of Tabular records very quickly

PHP page to manage & filter large number of Tabular records very quickly


Job Description

Hi! I am looking for a script to be able to large number of records in a short span of time. Lets say must be able to manipulate 10 random from a set of 200 rows in less than 10 sec. The manipulation needed right now is deletion.

Here is a table schema of the table we are talking about.

id serial PRIMARY KEY,
customer_id INT NOT NULL,
transaction_date DATE,
amount NUMERIC(20, 2),
text VARCHAR(9999),
transaction_details VARCHAR(9999),
bank_id INT

You will such import the data from the table in such a way complex and group filtration is possible. The various techniques that has to be applied for this are:

1. Use Filtration methods on a search box of all the field headers (customer_id, transaction_date, amount, text, transaction_details and bank_id) and filter the matching rows from the set)

2. Place Sliders on the left/right side of the records table for the fields (customer_id, transaction_date, amount and bank_id) and these sliders should define a range of the rows that can be view or that appear on the table. You can use jQuery UI Sliders for this.

3. Sliders and Data Filter should work together with each other.

4. Use HotKeys like
- Ctrl + A should select all the rows that are actively shown in the records
- Delete Key to delete selected rows

After delete action is started, send a ajax request to the same page to delete the rows from the table.

Budget: $30
Deadline: 3 Days

Skills: import

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