UPDATE script that copies pre-built WordPress sites to client domains hosted on our server

UPDATE script that copies pre-built WordPress sites to client domains hosted on our server


Job Description


As per an old job posting here on oDesk, I had a script created that takes the inputs submitted by a client into a webform and uses them to build a new WordPress blog on a domain that's registered by the client and hosted on our Hetzner server.

You can view the previous job posting here:

You can view the current input webform for the script here:


After each input field in the webform is filled and the information is submitted by clicking on the "Build My Blog!" button, the script takes the information and uses it to create a new account on our WHM panel for that URL and upload a customized version of WordPress to the domain.

The job I'm hiring for today is to take the script and update it to replace the current niche selections with 10 different niches.

To do this, you will need to update the submission form to include different inputs which are then used to populate the appropriate variables within the customized WordPress files.

For each of the 10 niches choices, you will be given all of the files (WordPress theme files, plugins, blog posts, images) required of that blog so they can be used by the script when needed to recreate the site on the client's domain.

I will provide you with a URL to each of the 10 customized WordPress sites the script uses along with the WP-ADMIN login details for each so you can copy all of the required files that will be used by the script to duplicate the files onto the client's domain that is hosted on our Hetzner server.

You will be responsible for updating the script itself and the webform (shown above) that clients use to submit their information.

When submitting your application, please address me as MBM Jason so I know you've read and understood the requirements of this project.