Python Web Application + Reporting

Python Web Application + Reporting


Job Description

Python developer needed for web application. Must have experience with database design and multi-tenant web applications from scratch. Should have a demonstrated background of clean, efficient and commented code.

The developer will create an application that:

• Allows users to input a paper based record system online.
• Is clear, well designed and easy to navigate and respond quickly to the end user. Will likely want ajax style forms to minimize the amount of page reloading done.
• Can add user groups with different levels of access to areas of the application.
• Can generate reports based on the information and in most cases have these automated.
• Be able to export reporting as PDF, Spreadsheet or send via email, also in some cases automated.

The developer will be able to

• Update work progress via basecamp.
• Provide detailed work history and clear notes on completed tasks.
• Comment code properly for future development
• Set up and configure the various server components required to support the application (apache, mysql, etc).

Skills: reporting, pdf, apache, design