Simple iphone interface

Simple iphone interface


Job Description

We need an iOS interface for nxlog and make it able to run on iphone, ipad, etc. See for more information.
Nxlog already runs and compiles on several platforms. It can be already compiled for iOS using xcode (we have detailed instructions for this), so the initial part is done.
Unfortunately it takes a little more than that. In order to be able to run it on an iphone, it needs some kind of a GUI. The nxlog port for android has a launcher icon (provided by the installer apk) and a very basic GUI where it is possible to edit the current config file, and start/stop the daemon.
See The same is also needed for the iOS version.

Another problem is that iphone does not allow daemons and background programs. See
You can either find a workaround and make it possbile to have it uploaded to appstore (this would be preferable) or use jailbreak mode.

As part of the project you will need to create a document which includes the following:
* How to set up the developer environment, how to compile and build both the backend (nxlog) and the frontend (GUI).
* The design of the GUI and how it interacts with the backend (nxlog).
* Detailed instructions about getting it installed on an iphone. If it involves jailbreak mode, make sure to document that too.

In your bid please give a quote for the price, number of hours required and a deadline. I'm looking for individuals, not company representatives please.

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