Telecommunications Billing Platform Rebuild Existing

Telecommunications Billing Platform Rebuild Existing


Job Description

We currently have a billing platform for Telco services which allows new customers, provision and configuration of a suite if telco services, rating of complex price structures, invoice creation and control, customer management - all highly dependent upon current database interactions with relevant coding.

We are looking to use bootstrap twitter css and design theme to rejuvinate and revitalise this complex billing platform.

We need a highly motivated, creative and skilled programmer/code writer to assist with this task and seek applicants.

We will provide you with access to the rackspace server and will work closely with design elements and tasks.

The successful applicant/s will be;

- motivated and skilled in bootstrap twitter deployment, php, mysql, html and other codes requried,
- able to research for answers to issues that arise,
- be at the cutting edge of current programming techniques,
- will be very available and contactable by skype or phone where needed,
- will be able to problem solve complex database arrangements and not be flustered by large volumes of pricing data.

If these are your passions, apply and let me know of your past jobs that you have completed.

Skills: design