Implementation of OpenERP

Implementation of OpenERP


Job Description

Brief Functional Scope for Business IT -
Group has number of independent entity to operate different businesses, we are dealing in fuel logistics, real estate, manufacturing, mining, media, airlines, trading, construction industries and more.

Total solution for HR Recruiting, Training, Payroll, Benefits, Retirement and Separation, quantification of requirement, job quantification, recruitment process cycle, role of consultant, Job description and monitoring of Goals, appraisal, increment, track record monitoring, leave management, project monitoring, Reimbursement, travelling, banking, integration of HR processes with other functional department and more.

Industrial Solution –Mapping of existing electronic devices available, for example weighbridge integration, oil loading, unloading device integration for exact quantity load/unload. Machinery production integration, etc.
Purchase Module for Procure to pay cycle. Supplier/Service Contractor & Item
Configuration. Purchase requisition, Request for Quotation, Supplier Quotation,
Purchase Order, Rate, Quantity amendments, Purchase Bill. Import Purchase Cycle, Custom Item Master, Bill of Entry, Purchase Bill-Import. Process Cycle, Sub-Contractor, Process Requisition, Process Order, RFQ(Process).

Inventory Module handles Receipt, Issue & Return Cycle.Item Configuration, Inventory control Sub inventory, Location, Reorder Level, Replenishment. Material requisition based on MRP, Issues against MRS, Material Return Note, Material Receipt, Rejected Material Dispatch Advice, Rejected Material Despatch, Gate Pass, Material Receipt against Gate Pass. Purchase/Process Requisition, Store

Production and Planning
Production Planning including Production Advice, Sales Forecast of Finished/Semi Finished Goods planning cycle. Machine Master, Shift Master, Machine wise shift, Production Calendar, Daily Plan, Job Card to record actual production against planned quantity and downtime reason for machine. Production Quality Control, Material Return Note for excess, Consumption & Rejection Analysis.

Marketing and sales
Sales Module for Order to Cash cycle. Customer & Product Configuration, Pricing
mechanism, Enquiry, Quotations, Offer Letters. Sales order direct & scheduled, Return Sales Order, Despatch Advice, Delivery or Despatch Order, Cash/Credit/Export Sales Invoices, Stock Transfer Order, Stock Despatch Order & Challan cum Invoice, Billing, Sales Analysis.

Financial Management - General Ledger, Fixed Asset, Payables, Receivables, Cash Management, Financial Consolidation
Management Accounting - Budgeting, Costing, Cost Management, Activity Based Costing

MIS & Reporting

– Profit and loss a/c
– Operational efficiency
– Online Integrated MIS

Project Management - Project Planning, Resource Planning, Project Costing, Work Break Down Structure, Billing, Time and Expense, Performance Units, Activity Management
Customer Relationship Management - Sales and Marketing, Commissions, Service, Customer Contact.
Data Services - Various "self–service" interfaces for customers, suppliers and employees
Access Control - Management of user privileges for various processes

Technical functional scope -
Single ERP instance will be highly appreciable. ERP must have facility to combine the balance sheet, Profit and loss a/c and other central report at group level but it will facilitate to each business unit/ location to maintain all operational books at location as well as they able to know the Balance sheet, Profit and loss a/c for only unit/location. In addition to that ERP should be customer oriented and customer/supplier able to know the position for their in transit goods as well as account belonging to them. Such type of integration and customer oriented system may suffice the need for this group.

Skills: openerp, training, benefits, management, import, marketing, billing