Freeswitch Configuration

Freeswitch Configuration


Job Description

Hi, need someone with ample networking and freeswitch skills to configure the following.

1. Phone network is on an internal network 192.168.3.x ... There are other phones connected to 192.168.4.x, 5.x internal network class C address.
2. The traffic is routed to a freeswitch server with 2 NICs. One with 10.0.x.x address and another is public IP address. All these are connected through a private WAN network.
3. I need to be able to make calls internally and externally between the internal networks as well as externally through a voip provider.
4. Issue is one way traffic

Ensure that you know how to run tcpdumps to figure out where the traffic stops routing etc.

Also, if you cannot be readily available for chats during GMT+11 time zone, then do not apply.

Skills: voip

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