EXPERT! in PHP/MYSQL, Web Scraping/Crawling, Large Data sets

EXPERT! in PHP/MYSQL, Web Scraping/Crawling, Large Data sets


Job Description

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We are a new startup looking for a strong PHP/Mysql developer. This will require full time hours and can eventually lead to direct employment with our company if the work is up to scale. We are based out of Arizona and are willing to work with someone out of state (working with someone locally is preferred but not required).


- Ability to work 40 hours a week. (overtime encouraged)

- Ability to work at least 2 months for us (longer if work is exceptional)

- STRONG PHP/MYSQL skill set for front end and back end

- STRONG Experience with data mining, scraping and crawling

- STRONG Experience with large data sets, including solving problems related to merging and reducing similar data within large data sets.

- Provide adequate demonstration of your skill set

- Any UI experience is helpful

Here’s what you need:

- Understanding that creativity and disrupting the status quo is a part of -what we do every day.
- Agility and results driven attitude – we move at the speed of internet.
- Willing to work long hours side by side with the team.

We are looking for a developer who desires to be part of a startup that is disrupting the industry! Change the world with us!

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